Garbage Pickup

Waste collection for YCC224 is done by the City of Toronto. They pickup garbage and recycling on alternating weeks, and green bins every week. All bins must be placed in front of your unit between 7pm Wednesday and 6am Thursday morning to ensure pickup. Please do not place bins outside before 7pm Wednesday.

At all other times bins must be stored in your garage or out of sight from the roadway.

If your garbage does not fit into your bin you have two options.

  1. Purchase garbage tags from the City of Toronto. Garbage tags can be purchased from any Canadian Tire located in Toronto.
  2. Upgrade your garbage bin size. To change the size of your collection bins please call the City directly at: 416-392-2489.

We are currently on schedule Thursday 2

Specific item disposal instructions can be found online at:

Please view the City of Toronto website for further information